Using technology to keep businesses running during the pandemic

Expert advises from Telenor Myanmar’s Chief Business Officer, Caroline Yin Yin Htay

“New-normal” is one of the new buzzwords of 2020 reflecting how our lives have been shaken up by the global pandemic COVID-19, resulting in rapid adaptation to changes to our lives as we know It. It has been almost a good four months now, since the complete upheaval in our daily routines, while we play by ear day by day. Now businesses and societies are gradually transforming themselves to adapt the ‘new normal’.

More than ever before, the telecommunications sector has become critical due to the difficulties and obstacles in the face of a global pandemic. To control the spread, everyone must stay in line with regulated precautions even though we need our business to keep operating. We as a telecom provider understand this very well as the fundamental sector to keep everyone connected while physically distanced. To continue this situation seamlessly, we at Telenor are trying our utmost to provide the services to all users which will also help them to benefit from remote collaboration tools.

To keep business operations running, especially large and medium enterprises in Myanmar strive to stay connected virtually with their employees for daily meetings and business updates using collaboration tools. E.g. Chamber of commerce & industries, Oil & Gas — customers wanted to stay connected virtually with their employees for daily meetings & business updates through collaboration tools and work from home remote connective.

We, at Telenor Business Group, understand the crucial need for reliable data with reliable speed for effective and efficient business continuity. Our innovative product portfolio and a customer-centric approach help businesses to continue seamlessly and benefit from remote collaboration services

With this, I would like to highlight some fascinating and practical business solutions to maintain connectivity and business continuity during this extra-ordinary time.

Cloud-based PBx and video conferencing solution — business continuity tools address the ever-growing demand especially during this challenging time wherein customers want to stay connected from remote locations.

Business continuity fixed wireless internet service — Telenor business is making sure that the enterprise and home internet connectivity are stable by offering additional data volumes for fixed wireless products with economical price while ensuring service quality for high data consumption.

IoT & telematics services — provided by Telenor business solution enable businesses to track their moving assets/machines.

Bulk messaging platform and call center solution — helping businesses effectively communicate with their customers while our Machine-to-Machine(M2M) connectivity service is keeping the critical services such as bank ATMs always online.

We are proactive about the importance of collaboration tools and these tools can help you overcome the challenges of adapting to the new normal while bringing effective methods to communicate with highly mobile workforces. Since connectivity is extensively important and we are relying on the digital tools in these unprecedented times and with the current affordable data pricing, users can stay connected with less worries.

Connectivity is especially important these days to help disseminate accurate information about the pandemic for national awareness and to contribute to flattening the curve. For this reason, we have been proactive about contributing to the national COVID-19 activities by providing mobile connectivity to trace people through their own application “Saw Saw Shar” and zero-rating the Ministry of Health and Sports’ website. Also, to deliver swift and factual information about the pandemic, Telenor is providing Bulk messaging platform.

Telenor Business together with Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement provided toll-free helpline call numbers for all the sixteen states and regions and it was mentioned by Union Minister, H.E Dr Win Myat Aye in his recent dialogue with the State Counsellor on how those hotlines are currently using for online counselling sessions. Besides 13,500 SIMs with 1GB free data are also provided to different States and Divisions so that migrant workers can immediately connect to their loved one from the designated quarantine centers upon returning to Myanmar.

And I would like to thank our Business Group front-line teams to provide necessary services to our customers without interruption in these challenging times

Keeping a physical distance with the ones you love is never easy. Keeping your business continuity remotely is not the easiest transition in developing countries too. During these challenging times where we all are trying to embrace the new normal, we all have to do our best to maintain the continuity and Telenor will always be there to keep you connected with those who matter most to you.


Caroline Yin Yin Htay is the Chief Business Officer (CBO) of Telenor Myanmar. She joined Telenor in November 2013 as Head of Accounting and Tax, and took over the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in August 2016. In March 2019, she took a new role as a CBO of Telenor Myanmar.



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Telenor Myanmar

Telenor Myanmar was a mobile operator in Myanmar 2014–2022. The company will be operating under new brand from July 2022.