Telecoms services have become more expensive in Myanmar over the past year. Here’s how to get more for each Kyat spent on telecoms.

Seldom has Peter Drucker’s famous quote “culture eats strategy for breakfast” proven truer than during the past year. At Telenor Myanmar, we have focused on fundamentals — our purpose, our values and our culture — to set direction for 2022.

Myanmar authorities announced amendments to the Union Tax Law that will impact price of telecoms services with effect from 8 January 2022. Below statement was published by Telenor Myanmar in connection with the change.

New SIM cards issued after 8 January 2022 are subject to a one-time commercial tax of MMK 20,000. Commercial tax rate for data services is changed from 5% to 15%. Already activated SIMs, as well as Voice and SMS services, are not impacted by the amendments.

Myanmar has four modern telecommunications networks connecting people across the country. In times of uncertainty, robust connectivity is essential. Below is an update of telecoms operations in Myanmar as of Q3 2021.

What impacts telecoms operations?

The performance and reliability of telecommunications networks are impacted by several factors — from weather conditions, access to stable power sources, malfunction of equipment, software or IT issues, or issues concerning physical access to tower sites.

Issued 30 September 2021

In a recent statement, Telenor Group emphasizes European Union and Norwegian sanctions as one of the reasons for its decision to exit Myanmar. The regulatory approval process for the sale of all the shares of Telenor Myanmar to M1 Group is ongoing.

Ongoing process does not impact operations

Telenor Myanmar’s operations and service offerings are not affected by the proposed change in ownership. A transaction between M1 Group and Telenor Group, which is subject to regulatory approval, means that operations continue and customers continue to be served. …

Below statement was issued jointly from Telenor Myanmar and Ooredoo Myanmar in connection with recent acts of vandalism towards mobile towers in Myanmar.

Telenor Myanmar has appointed three new leaders to join its management team to continue driving Myanmar’s digital evolution. Changes are effective from 15 September and 1 October 2021.

New leaders in TML’s commercial division

“At Telenor…

Hosting its 7th Sustainability Briefing, Telenor Myanmar highlighted the key role of telecoms in accelerating digitalisation and the industry’s potential to drive post-COVID-19 economic recovery. Telenor Myanmar remains committed to raising standards of institutions and throughout its value chain in areas of health and safety, environment, human rights.

As COVID-19 has accelerated digitalization for people, business and society. With it comes benefits, but also new risks. Myanmar consumers and businesses are increasingly concerned with cybersecurity. That has nothing but upside.

Telenor Myanmar

Telenor brings more to life for people, business and society with the best data experience in Myanmar.

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